Snazzy Helmet Debut

I got the camera batteries back where they belong so here ya go….


Decorated and Lookin’ Good

Well I got the helmet decorated with some butterfly/flower stickers from Michaels and I have to stay it’s looking pretty nice. I could have spent $75 or more to have it professionally painted, but I think for under $5 I did quite well. And I’ll get a photo up for you if I can ever get my camera batteries back from the little red r/c car toy….

Some Fine Tuning and We’re Back On Track

It was back to Sick Kids on Friday to get some adjustments made to the helmet, and I’m happy to say we’re back on track. The really good news is that her ears have already moved back into place and her head is changing.  And that was only in one week of wearing! Wow!

Now if I can just get used to the staring (not too bad) and the laughing (horrid!) then this helmet thing is gonna work out fine.

Anybody want to buy a really expensive baby torture device???

It shouldn’t come as a big surprise that Lily isn’t too fond of this thing on her head. It is also a lot of extra work to get her used to it and the cleaning, maintenance etc. However, I take it on and shall overcome! No helmet’s gonna best me! Here are the first photos of her wearing it…enjoy!

Helmet Eve

Tomorrow we are off to Sick Kids to get Lily’s helmet. Two weeks ago she had her head molded for a perfect fit (see photos). She didn’t really like doing that, and I expect tomorrow she will let it be known that wearing a helmet is not her favourite thing either. But it’s for the greater good.

Stay tuned for some photos of our little football player….

Lily’s News

For those of you that don’t already know, Lily will be wearing a helmet in the new year to correct a slight cosmetic problem. It’s a bummer to have to cover up her beautiful hair for about four months, but we gotta do it, cause a life with a perfectly aligned head will certainly be better for her. And just for fun, here’s a recent picture of her having her first ever Jolly Jump, which was a great success: