Plagio update, 2 months later

Lily has now been done with her helmet for just over 2 months…and it is like we never had it! At the start, 4+ months felt like it would be an eternity, but now looking back it seems like it was over so quickly. Which is good, I guess. She is doing fine and I am enjoying doing her hair! She has become a very fast mover, crawling and cruising, and will surely be walking unaided soon.
The summer is flying by, like it does! Liam is excited to hit JK at “Timmy’s school” in September. He has Timmy’s old kindergarten teacher whom we adore, so I know he will have a great year.
Timmy is also doing great and keen to start grade 2.
Here’s the latest photo of the boys and one of Lily with her perfecto head. ūüôā


One Week Post Helmet

It’s been a full week without the helmet. It was really really weird going without it the first day. And kinda sad. Like any milestone I guess it was a reminder of how fast they grow up. And it was something that was just hers, part of her story.

Anyways, it is really nice to have her wonderful hair out, in all it’s glory! Most people were surprised to see what had been “hiding” under the helmet. She¬†has to¬†wear at least a clip to hold it off of her face. After two boys, hair-dos are GREAT!

In a funny twist, last Friday, our very first day¬†without the helmet, we ran into a little boy at the grocery store wearing his. It was the first time we¬†have seen¬†anyone in a helmet outside of¬†the hospital clinic. Of course I spoke to his mom, who was very nice. They were¬†just in the first stages of treatment, so she was keen to hear that Lily did so well with it. (Incidentally, I also now know that she’s friends with another mom I know from the schoolyard.)

I took some photos to mark the occasion…so enjoy!

The last evening with the helmet. The final sleep.
The first sleep without the helmet. Out and about.
More out and about.

Is this it!??

Well here we are…this could be the last day with Lily in her helmet. Our expected-to-be-the-final-appointment is tomorrow morning.¬† There is always a chance that our Orthotist will find a reason to keep going, but hopefully not. Lily has started sleeping on her tummy, and the last two nights she couldn’t wear the helmet due to her¬†being sick. (No helmet therapy allowed with a fever.) Watching her sleep, I noticed that she looked so much more comfy without it, especially on her tummy.

Has it been worth it? YES YES¬†YES! Totally the right decision. Short term “pain” (the adults, not hers!), long term gain (hers!).

So here she is, on the fingers-crossed-final day:

Plagiocephaly Helmet: Three Months Down, Only One More To Go!

It was great news at Sick Kids today as Lily’s head is nearing perfect and is expected to be “done” after one more month, meaning we fixed her head in the minimum wear period of 4 months. Woohoo!!

What a blessing it has been to live so close to Sick Kids. Others drive for hours to get these unique-to-Sick-Kids helmets. Private companies in the states and UK make another style of helmet/band that costs 3-5 thousand¬†dollars each and don’t work as well (in¬†our¬†orthotists’ opinion).¬†

Lily’s skull is now hard enough to prevent ever “moving” out of position again meaning that when we stop the helmet therapy in May there is no further risk of¬† her sleeping too much on one side and un-doing all of our work. She can sleep however she wants!

Personally, I am looking forward to losing the staring, pointing, laughing and glaring and getting back to hair-dos and soft head kisses.

But what will become of the helmet, you ask? It’ll be our doll’s helmet, for sure.

Strawberry Swimmer

Lily went swimming for the first time today and boy did she love it! She wore a “strawberry” swimsuit that I bought for her last summer when I fell in love with it at Gymboree. It can be risky buying so far in advance, but what an inspired purchase this was! It is the cutest darn thing. Ever. Since cameras are no longer allowed at public pools (remember the good old days when you could snap photos anywhere!??) I suited her up at home and took a few shots to remember this momentous occasion. Other patrons even oooohed¬†and aahhhhed over her, which was a nice break from the “smiling” that the helmet attracts.

Plagiocephaly Helmet: Two Months Down

We just went for Lily’s second monthly visit to Sick Kids to see how Helmet Therapy is going. The answer? It’s going great! Her head has rounded out some more and is now improving on the forehead side as well as the back. We are officially half way through the minimum wear period of four months. I don’t know yet if we will be done in two more months, but my hope is we will be done by June 23rd, aka Lily’s Super Duper First Birthday. She gets a short break from her helmet first thing in the morning and again from suppertime til bedtime. Here are some photos from those non-helmet periods (proving she does have luscious locks of hair waiting to be helmet-free and pig-tailed!)

Some really messy hair after her bath!

Unrelated footnote: I succumbed today to a pair of patent pink¬†toddler shoes. They’re gorgeous!

One Month Down

We¬†have survived one full month with Lily wearing her helmet. Our next visit to Sick Kids is still a week away,¬†and¬†I am anxious to get there and find out what improvement has been made. She has fully adjusted to it now, and her stuffy nose bothers her more at night than the helmet does (whew!). I can’t say the general public has adjusted, though. People really find it odd/funny to see a baby in a helmet. What is up with that?!? Is it so hard to keep your reaction to yourselves?? Do you point and laugh at kids in a cast or wheelchair? Sometimes I want to ask them if they’d go down to Sick Kids Hospital, sit in the lobby, and point and laugh at the kids with IVs, masks, nose tubes, etc. It just doesn’t make sense. But I know, it’s the general public…full of¬†rude a-holes.

Anyways, here are three more recent pictures of her enjoying life in her helmet:

Taken late at night in a pitch black room ūüôā