Plagio update, 2 months later

Lily has now been done with her helmet for just over 2 months…and it is like we never had it! At the start, 4+ months felt like it would be an eternity, but now looking back it seems like it was over so quickly. Which is good, I guess. She is doing fine and I am enjoying doing her hair! She has become a very fast mover, crawling and cruising, and will surely be walking unaided soon.
The summer is flying by, like it does! Liam is excited to hit JK at “Timmy’s school” in September. He has Timmy’s old kindergarten teacher whom we adore, so I know he will have a great year.
Timmy is also doing great and keen to start grade 2.
Here’s the latest photo of the boys and one of Lily with her perfecto head. 🙂


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