One Week Post Helmet

It’s been a full week without the helmet. It was really really weird going without it the first day. And kinda sad. Like any milestone I guess it was a reminder of how fast they grow up. And it was something that was just hers, part of her story.

Anyways, it is really nice to have her wonderful hair out, in all it’s glory! Most people were surprised to see what had been “hiding” under the helmet. She has to wear at least a clip to hold it off of her face. After two boys, hair-dos are GREAT!

In a funny twist, last Friday, our very first day without the helmet, we ran into a little boy at the grocery store wearing his. It was the first time we have seen anyone in a helmet outside of the hospital clinic. Of course I spoke to his mom, who was very nice. They were just in the first stages of treatment, so she was keen to hear that Lily did so well with it. (Incidentally, I also now know that she’s friends with another mom I know from the schoolyard.)

I took some photos to mark the occasion…so enjoy!

The last evening with the helmet. The final sleep.
The first sleep without the helmet. Out and about.
More out and about.

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