Plagiocephaly Helmet: Two Months Down

We just went for Lily’s second monthly visit to Sick Kids to see how Helmet Therapy is going. The answer? It’s going great! Her head has rounded out some more and is now improving on the forehead side as well as the back. We are officially half way through the minimum wear period of four months. I don’t know yet if we will be done in two more months, but my hope is we will be done by June 23rd, aka Lily’s Super Duper First Birthday. She gets a short break from her helmet first thing in the morning and again from suppertime til bedtime. Here are some photos from those non-helmet periods (proving she does have luscious locks of hair waiting to be helmet-free and pig-tailed!)

Some really messy hair after her bath!

Unrelated footnote: I succumbed today to a pair of patent pink toddler shoes. They’re gorgeous!

One thought on “Plagiocephaly Helmet: Two Months Down

  1. YAY LILY! She is so damn pretty. Can’t wait for pig tails!

    And, pretty girls always need pretty shoes. 😀

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