One Month Down

We have survived one full month with Lily wearing her helmet. Our next visit to Sick Kids is still a week away, and I am anxious to get there and find out what improvement has been made. She has fully adjusted to it now, and her stuffy nose bothers her more at night than the helmet does (whew!). I can’t say the general public has adjusted, though. People really find it odd/funny to see a baby in a helmet. What is up with that?!? Is it so hard to keep your reaction to yourselves?? Do you point and laugh at kids in a cast or wheelchair? Sometimes I want to ask them if they’d go down to Sick Kids Hospital, sit in the lobby, and point and laugh at the kids with IVs, masks, nose tubes, etc. It just doesn’t make sense. But I know, it’s the general public…full of rude a-holes.

Anyways, here are three more recent pictures of her enjoying life in her helmet:

Taken late at night in a pitch black room 🙂


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